Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I start researching rates and rental locations?

A: Start by entering the zip code of where you will be staying. This will find locations nearest to you and be off site from the airport. Off site locations are generally less expensive than airport locations. Some companies can also pick you up from your residence. You can also try out rates at the airport to see if they are less expensive.

Q: How do I get from the airport to an off site location?

A: There are many to ground transportation options. One option is to rent from the airport for one day and then return to a local branch that is the closest to your residence to start your long term contract. You can take a traditional Taxi or Uber/Lyft to your 2nd home. Or have someone pick you up. Another option is to rent off site with a return to your departing airport. There will be a ‘drop fee’ associated with this. Usually around $50-100.

Q: Should I buy insurance?

A: If you have full coverage insurance on a vehicle, in most cases your insurance will transfer to the rental vehicle. Please check with your insurance provider and bring proof with you. You also may be covered for collision damage from your credit card company, not liability coverage. Please call to confirm with your credit card company.

Q: Can there be different pricing from different locations?

A: Yes. Check multiple locations when pricing your rental period. Pricing is typically similar. But can be found a bit cheaper in some locations. Search first from the closest zip code to you second home. Different companies also have different rates and is constantly changing.

Q: Do I have to come back to renew rental contracts for long periods?

A: Yes. Most rental companies require every 30 days to come into any branch location and renew your contract and make sure no service is needed. In some cases you can switch cars. Most personal insurances also only cover the rental car and you for 30 days. Check with your insurance company to verify this.

Q: Are there additional driver fees on the rental contracts?

A: Please check with the company you find the best rates at about additional drivers or fees. Each company and location can vary with fees.

Money Saving Tips

Book Early - Reserve early!

As prices typically increase closer to the desired date. With there are no cancellation fees. The best option is to lock in a reservation early to ensure pricing doesn’t go up. If you waited until last minute don’t worry. Some companies offer last minute deals to fill unreserved cars.

Book with!

Our site compares multiple companies with the best rates . Also, we will monitor your reservation to ensure rates don’t go down for your dates.

Non-airport locations tend to have lower prices.

Check multiple locations and companies when pricing your dates. Usually rates are much less expensive on offsite locations. For instance, an average airport rental for a sedan offsite from the airport is around $700 a month. At the airport average is around 1100 a month. This makes it worth it to travel to an offsite location.

Longer duration rentals have less expensive daily rates.

The longer the rental period= the better daily rate. This makes the total rental cheaper. You also get more rewards points for the longer rental periods. Remember to sign up for rewards points on and also from the company you rent from. You can earn double points that way.

Utilize special rate codes and memberships if possible.

Be sure to utilize special rate codes (i.e., AAA, AARP, military, student, CAA) to maximize savings from your existing memberships, associations, schools, etc. Please specify if you belong to any organizations to see if we can get an even lower rate than our discounted rates!